New iPAD Edition Brochures

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Over the last year we have noticed that the Apple iPAD has become very popular as the browsing device of choice for users accessing our websites. The new Retina iPAD devices have wonderful high resolution screens so we decided to create a new set of villa brochures optimised for the Retina display Apple iPAD.

iPAD edition of our luxury villas brochures

We have produced four new brochures in the iPAD edition format. The first is a family brochure covering all our villas. To download this version please click here.

Alternatively you can download the iPAD edition of the Villa Nurtan brochure by clicking here.

You can download the i{AD edition of the Villa Lale brochure by clicking here.

Finally you can download the iPAD edition of the Villa Anni brochure by clicking here. We hope you enjoy these new brochure editions. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for improving these editions.



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